Smartphone Repair Master Technician Level 1-4

This course aims at beginners who does not have any prior background or never opened a phone. We will teach you how to take apart iPhone,disassemble Samsung, Blackberry and other smartphones and tablets. changing screens, gps troubleshooting wifi, water damage, power issues, dead phones, unlocking icloud network code, FRP google account and the latest jobs currently offered in cell phone shops including soldering. and service centers. You will get enough hands to make sure you confident, all the future courses are free if you just want to upgrade yourself for the part you need more practice. Over 3000 technicians have taken classes and earning a great income by fixing and selling phones and more options will provide in the class room.

Course Instructor

Course instructor is fully qualified and approved from a well known university in united states and 18 years in mobile phones , telecom, programmer and developer.



15 years telecom experience (Bell Canada, AT&T, MTS Allstream) Electronics Engineer Technician (DeVry), Software developer, CATV technician worked for well known cable providers, Data forensic expert, experienced in Java, php, mysql, C++, SDK, Unix, smartphone hardware and software expert app developer, Computer hardware software, cyber security expert.

who Should Attend

Beginners who wish to start cell phone repair business or would like to work for a mobile phone industry and looking to make a career in smartphone repair industry, work from home or get hired,  Store owners, business owners, engineers, service technicians, computer technicians, mobile app developers, sales technicians and students college and universities, research and developers.

Phones, Tools, Equipment & Supplies

Free iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and LG phones Blackberry, iphone 5, 6, 6s, 7 and newer model, ipad 2, 3, 5, mini model  provided for hands-on exercises along with opening tools, equipment use and repair supplies.


Certified Smartphone Master Technician Certificate Level 4 is awarded after the completion of the class.